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 Our core team

Jan Cepelak
- General Manager
- Foam-Designer

Marco Mendes
- Project Manager
- Production

Nadia Lo Curto
- Administration

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Our history       

It all started with the idea to create an automated process that allows to layout an individual foam inlet on a computer screen and then to send it via order button directly to the milling machine. At the same time, a corresponding milling programme should be generated; allowing the machine to start production immediately. After months of development, tests and trials the company DEYFO AG was founded in March 2010.

Concurrently to implement this idea we set up the divisions for individual foam inlets, cases and packing elements. Meanwhile, our company is working globally and works closely together with well-known partners in a great variety of market segments.

In March 2012 we made another important step and set up our own milling machines. This allows us to remarkably cut down on delivery time and enables us to show the automatic process in combination with our software FoamDesigner live.

                     Jan Cepelak Nadia Lo Curto Marco Mendes


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